Digital world

The world of new technologies

New technologies include a range of innovations and applications, such as AI, cloud computing, IoT, etc.


Keep up with the exponential growth in mobile data traffic.

Machine learning is essential for autonomous driving.

AI automates and optimises repetitive or complex tasks.

Cloud servers are managed by service providers.

Wireless technology

This technology uses electromagnetic waves to transfer data.

Big data

Exploiting massive data requires advanced tools for analysis.

Big data

Internet of Things

Securing a digital revolution

To prevent the risks associated with the Internet of Things, it is vital to implement appropriate security measures. Plan technical and legal security precautions that involve all the players in the IoT ecosystem: operators, developers and service providers.

Technical and legal measures

Guaranteeing confidentiality and integrity

System data resilience

Respecting democratic values

Verifying sources

Promoting ethical principles


A tool for centralising product data

Product Information Management (PIM) offers a number of advantages for companies looking to optimise the efficiency of their sales strategy. This tool increases productivity by facilitating the process of creating and updating product data sheets. It improves the quality of product data by avoiding errors, duplications and inconsistencies. With the Goaland PIM solution, you can reinforce brand consistency by centralising product data.


Ethical and responsible use


Autonomous or remote-controlled unmanned flying vehicles.

Developing cross-disciplinary skills such as creativity.


There are industrial robotic arms, ergonomic articulated arms, etc.

Improve user comfort and mobility.

Automation and the future of employment

Automation can have a negative effect on employment. This process risks eliminating obsolete or less profitable jobs. Technological progress mainly affects jobs involving routine, low-skilled or repetitive tasks. Manual workers and cashiers are just a few examples. In the future, these jobs may be replaced by robots or software.

Digital marketing

Video: what content, what format?

The content of a good video must not only be tailored to your target audience, but it also has to be interesting and relevant. To create good content, you need to start by determining its objective. You also need to choose the right format. Make sure it’s consistent with your distribution medium and the nature of your content.

Sharing platforms

Sharing platforms

These websites have functions that vary according to their use: educational, recreational, artistic or professional.

Live streaming

Live streaming allows Internet users to take part in a live broadcast of an event in real time.

Video advertising

Video advertising

This form of advertising enables advertisers to raise their profile and build brand loyalty.


3D printing

Solution for rapid prototyping

3D printing enables rapid prototyping by designing objects layer by layer from different materials. This technology offers a number of advantages, including high-precision rapid prototyping.